Many of you wonder:  I would like to creare a blog but I don’t have time to do so. Here are some tips that might help you to get started:

  1. Create: yes, the first step is to just create it. Don’t think about creating the whole series of amazing posts. Don’t think about creating the whole post even. Just an introduction. Then take advantage of the Zeigarnik effect and you’re instincts will help you to finish. As the Chinese proverb says: the longes journey starts with the first step.
  1. Make it good. Well in order for the blog to get any traction it would have to be good. What is good? If could tell you I would be a millionaire right now. But there’s somebody that can tell you – your readers. That’s why you need to get as much feedback, be it negative or positive as possible. Your readers will tell you what’s good.
  1. Automatize. Yeah, creating regular content is quite important. What is even more imporant is to automatize content creation to the maximum exente possible. That’s why use Google Alerts, RSS feed readers etc. to automatize you information consumption and spend as little time possible looking for new topics and creating content. You can even outsource editing your articles to save more time.

Using those 3 tips you will be able to create content regularly and with least effort possible.